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A Smart home is going to change your belief about a home completely By providing you more convenience, comfort and New Horizons of using your existing electronic devices.

In simple words a Smart home is going to change your life the way our smartphone has done. SecureIndia has made it super easy for you to transform your ordinary home into a smart home. Now you can transform your home into a smart home as low as 9000/-per room .

Enhance your convenience by remotely accessing and Scheduling your home devices starting from your doorlock, camera, security system and even to your bedroom lighting.

Every one of us wants to add surprises or something special to our home. An Automated home will not just add a surprise, but it will surprise you with every aspect of your home.

Say no to Electric accidents and yes to timely Electric safety inspection and energy audit.

we keep hearing about electric fire accidents in hospitals, houses, hotels, shops, schools, coaching centres, Banks etc. secureIndia provides electric safety inspection and energy audit service throughout Delhi NCR region so that hidden electric hazards and wastage in your electric system get exposed and hence we can timely take measures to fix shortcomings Before any mishap.

Get your loved ones and property secure from electric hazards and save up to 30% in your electric bills.

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It’s depends upon the property size. Generally for 2 BHK, it takes two days, 4 BHK and 3BHK, it take around four days or as per customisation.

There are 3 steps in automation process:
Step one is inpecting the site, second step is installing of required wiring and third step is finishing step by installing smart devices and customising them as per customer needs

An electric safety inspection is an inspection to find out hidden hazard from our electric system. Anyone who wants their electric system to be secured from electric hazard can call for this inspection.

We can transform our existing room into a levish smart room with the help of prefinished material with a saving of 50%  in time and 30%  in our cost.

Services provided by SecureIndia is given below:
a) Home Automation : Transform your ordinary home into smart home.
b) Least budget smart makeover : We transform your ordinary room into a luxurious smart room with in a limited time and budget with the help of prefinished materials.
c) Electric safety inspection (ESI) /Energy Audit : ESI makes your electric system free from electric hazards. and provides you saving in your electricity bills

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