In this world, we have everything smart or automated starting from home appliances to gadgets we use as a wristwatch, tv, etc. then why not our own home??? We Indian has at least that one desire to own a house by him/herself. If you want to own a house then why not a smart home??? At secureIndia we can convert any home in a smart home. We will automate all your electronic items starting fro to your home appliances.
We know how to combine all the electronic items you own so that you can use them with ease. In our smart home solution services, we care about your safety too. We will make sure your home has security starting from your front door lock to your safe's lock. Before going on with any kind of integration process we will check every wire connected to your electric products that there is none damaged wire that exists, along with energy audit.


The energy audit is nothing but a survey of your electronic items. We will let you know which electric device needs to change so that it consumes less electricity. other than the smart home automation system we do provide home makeover service, where you can rely on us for your home renovation. You don't have to deal with laborers or anything that is on us. We will provide everything end to the end products that you just need to install at your home and it's done. We will help you to save your time and money both. We can do a makeover for your house in the least budget of yours also in less time. If you don't want to turn your entire home in a smart home then we do provide our services for a single room also. If not an entire home feel safe and smart at least in your room. Other than homes we do provide our services for hotels, motels, and restaurants too. Still, confused right??? Don't worry you can have a look at our services and know everything you want to know

| Our Vision |

Our vision is to  achieve long term sustainable growth in our business by addressing The challenges society is facing in respect of electric safety,electric fire,home security.Home renovation & Home Automation.

| Our Mission |

  • Our mission is to reduce electric accidents as much as we can through our service electric safety inspection.
  • We want to conserve maximum energy possible through our service energy audit.
  • our mission is to provide the beauty and comfort of Smart home to every ordinary home.
  • Our mission is to provide relief from the headache of home renovation through our service least budget smart makeover with the help of Pre finished product we can reduce the Challenges in renovation a home
  • Our mission is to reduce the incidence of theft,burglary with the help of Smart Technology.

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