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Journey of secureIndia started in 2015 with an accident.
It looks like a story of a movie but unfortunately or fortunately its real. Later on you will find out that why it was unfortunate and why it is fortunate so let's begin.
This accident happened with one of the secureindia's founder member.
on one fine morning around 5:00 a.m. in July 2015 someone knocked at his door. all of a sudden he open the door and found that his building caught fire. He along with other building occupants rushed towards the terrace. Luckily terrace gate was open and they all reached there. then they called the fire brigade and police. They were again lucky that the fire brigade reach the location in just 20-22 minutes. And they took 15 more minutes to extinguish the fire and they all escaped safely no injury no casualties. 22 adults and 4 kids of 8 family's are there at that time. but unfortunately they were not able to save one upper ground flat which burnt down completely and four two-wheeler bunned down. Then fire department conduct their investigation and they found that fire started in one of the electric metre and a bike was parked just near to that metre and that bike caught fire. And then the fire spread from one bike to second and third than to upper floor. But occupant were fortunate on that day. They all escaped safely.

(In his own words)that accident completely woke me up. As i have personally felt that pain and helplessness of the movement when you can't do anything you find yourself trapped.
This incident made him explore. what are the reason of these accidents and weather these accidents avoidable???
And He start researching on this with his two engineer friends and they were determined to come up with the solution.

Shortcomings Found in Research are Disclosed Below.

• 59 people everyday die in India because of electric accident and from accidents of electric origin.
• 55-60% fire in Delhi NCR is of electric origin.
• Triggers of electric accidents are unsafe equipments, installations and unsafe work practices.Electric short circuit, overheating, overloading ,use of non standard appliances ,wrong tapping on electric wire, improper wire joints,carelessness and ignorance are the major factors of electric fires.
• 68% electricians in India are unprofessional they don't have required education and training. To perform electrical work they rely on guessing instead of using measurement tools and regulations of CEA.Which put ourselves and our electric system at a higher risk.
• And lastly our carelessness towards our electric system and electric accident is also a major factor. We must say lack of awareness among public about the preventive measures.

So after a deep research from immense data of last 5 year fire accidents in Delhi NCR a team of 5 members including engineers, attorney ,retired BSES staff, fire fighting staff . They all together Developed the solution of this problem in the form of electric safety inspection. It's a precautionary measure which can resolve almost 90% of the issues which can lead to electric accidents or electric fire.

"This is how SecureIndia is born and started securing lives from electric hazard"

The unfortunate part was the condition in which 26 people were trapped( anything could have happened that day)and the fortunate part is that. till 2019 secureindia has conducted electric safety inspection in 128 properties and have provided safety and peace of mind to more then 5000 people .including hospitals,hotels,school, residential houses, societies, factories, and clinics.

Later on in 2018 with the motto of providing technical advantages in terms of enhance comfort, safety, climate control, time saving, saving in energy, remotely access and adding peace of mind in peoples life. Secureindia started automating homes. Which means now you can control your entire home from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. So that people can enjoy the boon of technology and the luxury of living in a smart

| Our Vision |

Our vision is to  achieve long term sustainable growth in our business by addressing The challenges society is facing in respect of electric safety,electric fire,home security.Home renovation & Home Automation.

| Our Mission |

  • Our mission is to reduce electric accidents as much as we can through our service electric safety inspection.
  • We want to conserve maximum energy possible through our service energy audit.
  • our mission is to provide the beauty and comfort of Smart home to every ordinary home.
  • Our mission is to provide relief from the headache of home renovation through our service least budget smart makeover with the help of Pre finished product we can reduce the Challenges in renovation a home
  • Our mission is to reduce the incidence of theft,burglary with the help of Smart Technology.

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