sanitizing services in delhi ncr
sanitizing services in delhi ncr
sanitizing services in delhi ncr
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Electric Safety Inspection (ESI)


What are the benefits of an electric safety inspection?

Electric safety inspection not only secures you from electric hazards but at the same time, it provides you other benefits as well.
• It makes your electric system efficient which ultimately reduces your energy cost.
• It reduces unwanted power cuts.
• It ensures a higher degree of safety to its occupants.
• It provides peace of mind to the property owner.
• It helps in compliance with electric safety standards.
• It reveals common electrical mistakes made by regular or local electrician.
• It recognizes outdated wiring safety devices other components that have degraded over time.
• It spots inappropriate safety or faulty safety devices and other faults that could lead to an accident.
• It helps you meet your insurance requirements.
• It exposes the real picture of electric safety in our premises.

Is electric safety inspection very expensive?

An electric safety inspection is not expensive at all when we compare it with the consequences faced by the property owners and victims of such electric accidents. Knowingly no one of us wants to risk life of our loved ones and damage of our property due to electric fire. Secure India provides you electric safety inspection service at a very nominal (economical) price it starts with just rs 2000/-

What is an Electric Safety Inspection?

An electric safety inspection provides you a thorough inspection of your entire electric system. It examines whether all your electric wires, components, appliances, connections, safety devices(MCB, ELCB, SWITCHGEAR, ETC) and electric distribution system as a whole are in good working condition or not. All safety devices, wires, other electrical conductors, circuits, switches, appliances, connections, etc are tested with appropriate measurement tools by certified electricians. With the help of timely electric safety inspection we can eliminate electric hazards from our electric system and it ensures safety from an electric accident.

Why it is necessary?

Your electricity runs behind the scene. It is invisible but it runs your entire home or your commercial establishment. With today's lifestyle, we can't imagine life without electricity to run this electricity at your premises a properly managed electric system is required. But unfortunately neither it's in focus nor it is in practice in most of our premises. Recent major fire accidents in Delhi NCR from hotel Arpit to anaaj Mandi factory are results of a lack of proper management of electricity at their premises. If we look at statistics 70% of commercial premises in Delhi NCR are operating with electric hazards.

When ESI is required?

• If your electric system is more than 5 years old.
• When you buy a new home/property.
• If you have sudden or reoccurring electric problems.
• Before or after major home upgrade/property renovations.
• After major electric repairs.
• When your insurance company requires it.
• Whenever you want to ensure electric safety of your property or commercial establishment.

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Energy Audit

In Go Through Audit, we use existing or easily obtained data. Analysis of the energy consumption in the organization. Estimate the scope of savings. Identify the most likely areas for attention. Identify immediate no cost or low-cost improvement areas.
Identify the areas where detailed study for measurement is required.
This type of energy audit is generally for small scale commercial establishments .where electric system is not much complex and does not account for a major portion of the expense to the establishment.

Detailed Audit, it's a more dense and comprehensive audit. It provides a detailed energy project implementation plan for a facility since it evaluates all major energy-using systems in detail.
This type of audit offers the most accurate estimate of energy-saving and considered the interactive effect of all projects account for the energy use of all major equipment and includes detailed energy cost saving calculations for project cost. This audit is time-consuming requires intense efforts and teamwork.
It is mainly carried out in three phases.
(a) Pre-audit phase (b) Audit phase. (c) post-audit phase.
Energy cost (electricity) is one of the major expenses for businesses. whether it's a hotel, factory, hospital, or school. And energy cost has a direct relationship with our profit. Minimizing the cost will lead to maximizing the profit.
On the other hand in India, 70% of electricity is generated by coal-based thermal power plants. which accounts for an estimated 929 million tons of co2 emission annually (and increasing year by year). Which is very harmful to each one of us.
So from both the aspects energy conservation is a must for everyone in India. This conservation can be achieved in an organization with the help of energy management and effective energy management can be designed with the help of an energy audit. An energy audit is a way for businesses to understand how when and where they are using energy. Also, it's an analytical tool to analyze energy efficiency levels in a business.

What is energy audit?

An energy audit is a detailed assessment of the energy consumption in a facility with the motive to find out inefficiencies in the system. By detailed assessment, we can identify the inefficient areas, and hence we can apply improvement methods to increase energy efficiency. Only when a fault in the energy system is recognized then it can be corrected. This leads to saving energy which ultimately ends up decreasing our energy bill and improve the energy efficiency of a facility.

What we provide?

With the rich team of energy auditors and energy managers, engineers, cost accountants, retired BSES engineers onboard. We provide energy audits (as per bureau of energy efficiency)and electric safety certificate(as per Central electricity authority regulations) services in Delhi NCR. We are a member of the national safety council of India(established under the Ministry of labor and employment). Our company also procures A class electrical contractor license.
Types of energy audit we provide.
1. Go Through Audit.
2. Detailed audit.
Go through Audit is the simplest and quickest type of audit it involves a minimum interview with site operating personals a brief review of faculty utility bills and other operating data as and a walkthrough of the facility to become familiar with the building operating and to identify energy wastage and inefficiency.

Save upto 30% in your Energy Bill


Electric safety certificate

Electric safety certificate is a certification that the organization has taken all the necessary measures for electric safety as per the Central electricity authority. In India every commercial establishment must have this certificate (it's their statutory requirement). There are many benefits that are enjoyed by the organization that complies with CEA regulations.

• Discharges your statutory obligation.                                                 • Decreases the chances of electrical accidents.
• Reduces organizational and individual risk.                                       • Helps during an insurance claim.
• Lowest worker compensation costs.                                                   • Decreases Arc flash and shock injuries.
• Greater protection of equipment and assets investment.

Law enforcement is becoming effective day by day in India. Business owners are quickly discovering the depth of consequences they face for not compliance with CEA electric safety regulations.

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