Home Automation System

Take your smart home experience to a whole new level with secureindia home automation serivces.

Add a new member in your family / Alexa

Whether other members listen to you or not but Alexa will defiantly listen to you and at the same time it will make your life easy by performing your daily task "like - "Alexa" book a taxi for me from home to rajiv chowk", "Alexa set house temperature at 25 degree Celsius", "Alexa order baby diaper from amazon", "Alexa what is the outside temperature today".

Lighting Control

In this era of automation you have powers in your hand to customize your lighting as per your mood. you can create different lighting scenes according to different situations. so, you can easily chance ambiance of your home as per your choice.


A Smart home adds an additional shield of protection to your home and make it really hard for criminals to get in. By adding various sensors at your home like fire alarm, LPG/CNG leakage alarm, intruder alarm, notifying restricted areas.


Secureindia has taken your multimedia experience to next level. Now you can change the whole atmosphere of your room just by single command.Like you say "Alexa Its Movie time". just by saying these phrases you can control your TV, Music System, DVD Box, Air Conditioner, and your cur-tons. So, in simple words with in seconds you can convert your ordinary room into a multiplex and the best part is you don't even required to get up from your couch.


Keep an eye at your home from anywhere in the world. you can monitor your children from your office or you can monitor your visitor as well. Smart Doorbell will notify you every time when someone comes at your door.

Energy Saving

Its really good to have a less electric bill. with the use latest technology our house electric system gets turn of when we left our home and we can also schedule our electric appliances according to our needs and hence we can optimize our electricity consumption, we can also monitor our energy usage.

Climate Control

Now you can monitor the air quality of your home and you can schedule your air purifier accordingly. You can also maintain temperature of your home as per choice.