Give your room modern look with smartness.

A lavish home with a well decorated room is the dream of everyone, because nowadays we all want to live a luxurious life. We want a home with perfect rooms and if it is equipped with Modern technology it's the cherry on cake.

No need to Take headache

Home renovation has always been a hard task .Different aspects need to be handled simultaneously. handling contractors , labour, selection of right materials, and most importantly maintaining things in budget. secureIndia has made it easy for you by providing you per sqft rates for your makeover (all inclusive).

Makeover within time and budget.

In secureindia We use prefinished material to provide you quality finish to your home. Which provides you 50% saving in time & 30% saving in money. so no worries about budget your home will look stunning without burning a hole into your pocket.

Variety of plans.

Different people have different preferences,taste and budget.with secureindia you will get a variety of makeovers as per your requirement and need. Like some love wallpaper or with pvc panel We get stunning look in our room even if we have seepage problem. and if you want Luxurious look for your room or living space, dstona is best for you.


Luxurious, sophisticated, or simple and elegant, we are able to pick the right design for your specific house or apartment and bring out the best in it. Welcome!

Home Makeover

In our home we all want our wall should be look adorable, beautiful, eye catching. SecureIndia will change your room wall in to living wall.

Wallpaper has been used since the 18th century to cover walls and act as a decorative element for interior spaces. By the arrival of the 20th century, patterned wallpaper had become an essential wall finishing material for homes.

Why use Wallpaper?

It is available in a wide variety of designs, patterns, and surface finishes. Many wallpaper types are washable.

Some types can be used for busy areas at home owing to its durability and easy maintenance and it can be easily installed and removed without leaving traces.

It can cover uneven walls and hide the defects easily, with little initial preparations. Wallpaper can be considered an eco-friendly, since it can be purely manufactured from natural materials, and its adhesives do not contain harmful chemicals.

You can choose your plans according to our preference/budget:
1. Home makeover (wallpaper) plan only in 250 /sq. ft.
2. Home Make over (wallpaper + automation*) plan only in 380 / sq. ft. (*conditions apply)

Transformation with PVC Panel

sometimes we face sewage and leakage problem in our home. PVC panel is the good solution for that, because it is absolutely water proof and also fire resistant and these joints are also water resistant. These panels can be used in wet and damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Otherwise you can use it all over the house such as bedroom ceilings, garages, basements etc.

PVC ceiling panels are sturdy and very durable. They can last for years without warping or bending. Unlike gypsum and POP, PVC ceiling panels are not brittle and are less likely to get damaged while handling..

You can choose your plans according to our preference/budget:
1. Home makeover (PVC) plan only in 300 /sq. ft.
2. Home Make over (PVC + Automation) plan only in 430 / sq ft. (*conditions apply)


DSTONA PVC Laminates (Membrane Sparkle)
If we would like to our home/room look premium then we can choose Dstona.
It gives your home interiors a stylish & Luxurious look.

Its looks similar like italian marble stone, but also economical than marble. It has very good durability and shine.

You can choose your plans according to our preference/budget:
1. Home makeover (D stona) plan only in 450. /sq. ft.
2. Home Make over (D stona + Automation*) plan only in 580 / sq. ft (*conditions apply)

Free consultation

Our professional decorators have a unique creative vision of how your dream space will work the best for you. Learn more about our services and contact us!